1. My in-laws know, sort of.

    I found out last night that my in-laws are catching on to my transition even though I haven’t officially come out to them yet.

    A few pictures of me out and bound have been posted on fb, which I’m sure is pretty noticeable since my chest is normally cartoonishly huge. I spend half my life in that binder so I knew pictures of me in it, along with my new haircut, and clothing would be posted eventually. I wasn’t avoiding it.

    Plus my wife has posted some things on my page calling me a stud-muffin and telling me what a good husband I am. 

    So there’s that.

    My sister-in-law, who is the only one who I am out to in my wife’s family, just went home for Spring Break. It’s also possible she accidentally spilled the gender transition beans.

    Regardless of how it became an idea, it’s out there. No one has directly asked either of us, but it’s out there.

    Apparently from what my sister-in-law has overheard it’s not all bad. Certainly not 100% PC in terminology but they seem pretty supportive overall.

    From what I’m told, conversations have been flying around their house that go a little something like this:

    "Do you think (birth name) is planning on getting a sex change?"

    (Sex change, ugh, so not the terminology I want to hear.)

    "Well (birth name) would make a very attractive man."

    I think they’re trying to get my sister-in-law to give them the nod, but I’m sort of hoping she won’t. I don’t want them to think I’m not man enough to tell them in person. I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.

    I’m very happy to hear they are supportive. I hope it stays that way after I come-out. I want them to understand that I have decided to transition for my own and their daughter’s happiness and that I will never leave her. I love her more than the world. I will always treat her right regardless of my gender.

    When I do get a chance to talk to them I’m going to make sure to get them up to date on the proper language to use regarding transgendered people and transition, that’s for sure.

    Side note: Not one of my own family members has said anything to me about the stuff on facebook. They either haven’t noticed or are avoiding it. I’m realizing coming-out to them is probably going to be the hardest part.

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